As announced in the Call for Papers and at the beginning of the conference, we had a prize of 300 euros, sponsored by the Metivier Foundation, to be awarded for the best student presentation during PMAA'06.

The prize committee met after the last talk of the Workshop on Saturday, Sep, 09 and made the selection. On its behalf, we would like to announce that the PMAA'06 young researcher prize was awarded to Benjamin Braconnier, for his presentation entitled: "Efficient technique for solving low Mach number compressible multiphase problems".

We would like to congratulate Benjamin for his interesting and promising results, as well as the clarity of the presentation. We wish him all the best in his future research.

We would like also to acknowledge the fact that many interesting talks have been presented during this meeting by student researchers. They covered a wide range of topics and demonstrated their hard work, knowledge and commitment. We thus congratulate all the students presenting their results at PMAA'06 for their skills and interesting results.